Aaron R. Clements

Aaron Clements practices in Lubbock with the firm Hurley & Guinn. He received his BS in Chemistry from Cal-Tech in 1993 and a JD from the Texas Tech School of Law. Aaron is an adjunct professor at the Tech law school, teaching patent law and intellectual property. He is coauthor of the 1996 book Texas Commercial Law for Bank Lawyers. Aaron has served on the board and various committees and in multiple capacities for the U.S. Fencing Association. He is also coach of the Double T Fencing Club, Texas Tech’s recreational fencing club.

Abby Anna Batko-Taylor

Abby Anna Batko-Taylor has worked with traumatized individuals for over a decade, including incarcerated women, Guatemalan refugees, and visually impaired students, and is currently a law and social work graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin.

Alex Bunin

Alex Bunin is the Chief Public Defender for Harris County, Texas. He was the Federal Public Defender for Northern New York, Vermont, and Southern Alabama. He is Board Certified in Criminal Law and Criminal Appellate Law in Texas. He co-authored O’Connor’s Federal Criminal Rules & Codes (Jones McClure 2013). Alex is a graduate of the South Texas College of Law.

Allen Place

Allen Place is going on his 34th year being a practicing Texas attorney. Since 1990, Allen’s practice has primarily focused on parole law. He served in the Texas Legislature from 1990 through 1999 and chaired the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence. In 1993, Allen was named one of the Ten Best Legislators by Texas Monthly magazine for his efforts during that session. Currently, Allen, author of the Texas Penal Code, is a lobbyist for TCDLA.

Andralee Cain Lloyd

Andralee Lloyd graduated magna cum laude from California State University of Bakersfield in 2008, where she was the Marketing Student of the Year for 2007–2008. Andralee earned her JD at Baylor Law School in 2012 before joining the Albritton Law firm as an associate.

Andrea Marsh

Andrea Marsh is the founder and executive director of Texas Fair Defense Project. At TFDP, she focuses on improving Texas’ public defense system and challenging policies that create modern-day debtors’ prisons filled with poor people who cannot afford to pay commercial bond fees and post-conviction fines and costs. She is a graduate of Tulane University and Yale Law School.

Andrew J. Forsythe

Andrew Forsythe graduated from UT Law School in 1978 and has practiced criminal law in Austin ever since. He and his wife Rosalinda have four great kids, two great sons-in-law, three wonderful grandkids, and three dogs, whose behavior varies.

Armando Simόn

Armando Simόn is a retired forensic psychologist with numerous publications in books, journals, and popular magazines.

Audrey Chao

Audrey Chao is currently pursuing a dual JD/Master of Social Work degree at Columbia University. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Rice University, Audrey spent two years in the Philippines with International Justice Mission, working with social workers to provide aftercare services to victims of human trafficking. At Columbia, she is on the board of the High School Law Institute and is a member of the Human Rights Institute’s Research Advocacy Program.