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It might be a million dollar case

What is a person’s job worth, especially in this economy? When Walter was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), he knew he was in jeopardy of losing his job as a salesman even though he was the top salesman in the company. This arrest was not only about Walter and his job, it was about […]

Overcoming Tough Issues in Trial, Our Story

Our Story-One Size Doesn’t Fit All The story has already been told in jury selection and opening statement.  And really, the jurors already know what they will do or at least know what they want to do.  Now, I just need to tell it again in cross examination and in direct with Carolynn.  This was […]

Overcoming Tough Issues in Trial- Jury Selection

The issues in our story, jury selection I’ve never had a jury panel as unfavorable as this one seemed to be.  Carolynn and I are sitting at a table alone, while the prosecutor is doing his best to minimize his burden and instill fear in the minds of the potential jurors.  We hear the jurors […]

Overcoming Tough Issues in Trial- Exploring Ourselves

Exploring who we are. Today, we are the person we have become as a result of our individual life experiences and our choices.  Those life experiences include the good, the bad, and maybe, something we think is unspeakable.   Many will go through their entire life without thinking or looking at why they think, act, or […]

Overcoming Tough Issues in Trial, a Series

Where should the lawyer begin? People are asking questions like, “How did you overcome a .14 breath test?”  I want to give them an answer, but I can’t do it quickly because it involves a combination of my life experiences.  Many of which involve many other lawyers and friends along the journey or what Greg […]