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Offenses Using Imitation Weapons Increase in Texas

Texas is seeing a spike in crimes committed with imitation weapons, partly because offenders believe they will receive a lesser sentence if they are caught. It’s a perception that’s false in Texas. If the victim of a crime believes the weapon that’s pointed at them is real it’s sufficient to warrant a first-degree felony charge […]

Theft By Texas

By Micah Belden You can visit his blog and read the original here. The Basics about Theft Theft has many meanings in our everyday vernacular, but under Texas law it is pretty straight-forward. Section 31.03 of the Penal Code consolidated all of the old theft statutes into a more (mostly) simplified version. It states “(a) […]

The Definition of Marijuana

By Robert Guest http://www.dallascriminaldefenselawyerblog.com (972) 564-4644 What is the definition of marijuana in Texas? Cannabis, pot, weed, hydro, skunk or “marihuana” is the only illegal drug in Texas that courts allow officers to identify without laboratory testing. Texas has a very distinct definition for marijuana, including what parts of the plants “count” towards the weight, […]

Understanding Alcohol-Related Criminal Charges for Minors

By Peek & Toland www.peekandtoland.com (512) 474-4445 In Texas, as in other U.S. states, the legal age for drinking alcohol is 21 years. Individuals under age 21 who are suspected of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or of other alcohol-related offenses may face different charges and penalties than those who are 21 or older. Regardless of […]

Computer Crimes in Texas: Online Harassment

Computer Crimes in Texas: Online Harassment By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal www.rosenthalwadas.com (972) 369-0577 Laws lag behind online crimes. Society gets outraged when stories come on the news about online bullying, for example, but the truth is that the legislature naturally plays catch-up to technology. Who knew Facebook or Twitter would become […]