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In Consideration of Meta-Litigation

By Gerald Bierbaum   “The power I exert on the court depends on the power of my arguments, not on my gender.” Sandra Day O’Connor   “Truth springs from argument amongst friends.” David Hume As lawyers, we argue. We present evidence, explain links between evidence and we argue. We serve the client’s best interest by […]

Should A Defendant Testify in His Own Defense?

By John T. Floyd You can view his web page here. Defense Lawyers often advise against their clients testifying in their own defense. It is typically unnecessary and tends to expose the client to great danger. Even with an innocent defendant, so much can go wrong: pressured-induced nervousness, bad body language, poor demeanor, inability to […]

In Jury Selection We Go Last and That’s Our Advantage

By Stephen Gustitis Gustitis-Law Home Page (You can read the original blog here). Prosecutors typically don’t care how prospective jurors truly feel about issues related to their case. This is because most jurors are predisposed to convict someone accused of a crime. Let’s face it, prosecutors wear the white hat, regular folks presume guilt, and police […]