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Eyewitness Identification: Certainty Doesn’t Equal Accuracy. Ask Me How I Know.

In 1998, I was beginning what would be the last year of my very brief career at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, under the legendary Johnny B. Holmes  I was the number three prosecutor in the 230th district court, which meant I had no power and was not free to use my discretion on […]

A California Appeals court OKs warrantless GPS tracking by feds.

I have a real problem with the government coming onto my property and snooping around without a warrant to begin with.  But I have a real problem with the federal government coming onto my private property without a warrant, and then further planting a GPS tracking device onto my private vehicle without a warrant, on […]

9th circuit ok’s warrrantless placement of GPS tracking device on a car parked in your driveway. Big Brother Much?

The 9th circuit to surreptitiously enter personal property and attach a GPS tracking device on vehicles parked there without first obtaining a warrant.