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Offenses Using Imitation Weapons Increase in Texas

Texas is seeing a spike in crimes committed with imitation weapons, partly because offenders believe they will receive a lesser57435bdce641e.image sentence if they are caught.

It’s a perception that’s false in Texas. If the victim of a crime believes the weapon that’s pointed at them is real it’s sufficient to warrant a first-degree felony charge in the Lone Star state.

The rise in the use of imitation guns in Texas was noted in an ABC news report. Police in Texas told the channel more crimes are being committed with weapons such as BB guns. They believe the low cost of imitation weapons and the fact offenders believe they may receive lighter sentences if they are caught, are pertinent factors.

The article quoted Police Lt. Christopher Cook from Arlington who said his officers were being told by suspects they prefer imitation weapons to real ones. They can be purchased for as little as $25 and no background check is made. Arlington police have seen a spate of cases in which gang members were found to be in possession of a toy gun, a BB gun or another type of imitation weapon.

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