President’s Message: A Summer Song - By Kerri Anderson Donica

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Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Oh South Padre Island—how I miss you already!!! A fabulous time was had by all on the island on our TCDLA Annual Members Trip. Melissa and our staff made sure everything was absolutely perfect! We wined and dined and learned and sunned (maybe in that order)! The beach at SPI is so gorgeous and the Snodgrasses always entertain us, although this year we had some close encounters with a stingray and a few jellyfish. Despite a couple of ER visits, we all survived and had a truly wonderful time. I always love spending time with all of our TCDLA brothers and sisters and their families—one of my favorite things about the Members Trip to SPI.

The learning I mentioned: On Wednesday, Laurie Key had our Training the Trainers seminar with presentations about how to be a great speaker when we are teaching other lawyers about defending criminal cases. Then on Wednesday, Clay Steadman and Laurie had speakers for our final Criminal Defense Lawyers Project (CDLP) “Come and Take It” of the year. It was chock full of great information on the topics we’ve presented throughout the state over the past year.

Our upcoming year’s CDLPs will be held in Corpus Christi, San Angelo, Wichita Falls, Bryan/College Station, McAllen, Waco, Longview, and Lajitas. The theme will be Defense: We Make Champions! I’m so excited to see our new speakers who will be presenting in these venues!

I encourage everyone to plan on being at our upcoming 17th Annual Top Gun DWI seminar in Houston on August 16th and our Voir Dire seminar in Austin September 12–13. We have incredibly good speakers for both of these seminars, and the Voir Dire seminar will involve actually watching attorneys conduct a voir dire with attendees doing so as well. Check out the agendas on the TCDLA website—you’ll be a better lawyer and better equipped to represent the citizen accused after you are there!

A special thanks this month to my heroes Robb Fickman and Chuck Lanehart for our incredible Declaration and Bill of Rights readings—and all their leaders across the state, and across several other states! Our voicing the protection of our liberties was especially moving for me this year. Thank you, gentlemen!

Hope the heat isn’t too overwhelming in your neck of the woods and look forward to seeing all of you soon. Tell another lawyer he/she did a super job in a hearing/trial this week. You’ll feel better and so will your colleague!

President’s Message: A Summer Song - By Kerri Anderson Donica