President's Message: Have You Ever . . . - By Samuel E. Bassett

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Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Have you ever…..

comforted a mother watching her son being handcuffed for prison?
counseled a young person shaking from drug withdrawals?
tried to find a way to say you’re sorry to a crime victim in your case?
worked countless hours for a client who can’t pay you a dime?
gotten sick to your stomach during trial?
awakened at night, writing notes to yourself thinking of ideas for trial?
been threatened with arrest while representing a client while in a jury trial?
had your children ask why you represent someone who did something bad?
thought about how you could have done a better job for a client?
had to apologize to a client for making a mistake?
wondered how you’d pay bills for your office?
had to fire someone who worked for you for years?
done all you could for a client who then yelled at you in anger?
had a client take their own life?
wept silently as you saw crime scene photos?

Have you ever…

experienced the joy of a not guilty verdict after months of hard work?
gotten a hug from a client, or a client’s parents, after a job well done?
had an addict client visit you after years of sobriety to thank you?
helped a client gain custody of children after being falsely accused of abusing them?
helped to expose a corrupt law enforcement officer or prosecutor?
played a positive role in getting a fellow attorney help with an addiction?
breathed a huge sigh of relief after fighting for a just result and seeing it happen?
received a thank you note from a crime victim in a case you handled for the defense?
seen one of your career dreams come true—leading a remarkable organization of lawyers committed to the endless fight for individual rights and justice?

I have experienced all of these and more . . . and I’m grateful to have been your President for these past few months. Thanks for continuing to make TCDLA the best organization of its kind in the United States. Good verdicts to you all.