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May 1997

May 1997 Issue




4   | President’s Message: The Future: Will We Make a Difference? – By David L. Bostford
8   | Editor-in-Chief Comment: Us Against Them – By William P. Allison
10 | In And Around Texas: Department of “Just-Us” – By John C. Boston


12 | Joinder of Offenses-Do I File a Motion to Quash, Request That State Elect, or Do Nothing? – By Donald R. Scoggins
16 | Defending Against the Co-conspirator Hearsay Exception – By Mark R. Lippman
24 | Understanding Pre and Post Conviction Polygraph-The Key to Its Successful Use – By Eric J. Holden
32 | The Trial Notebook: An Essential Tool for Every Criminal – By David L. Botsford