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November 2019

November 2019 SDR – Voice for the Defense Vol. 48, No. 9


Voice for the Defense Volume 48, No. 9 Edition Editor: Michael Mowla From Editor Michael Mowla:         1. I summarize each opinion in a manner that allows readers to generally use this SDR instead of reading every opinion.         2. If you determine that a summarized opinion is relevant to one of your cases, I urge you to read

My Welcome Home From Vietnam: Back in the World in One Piece


My ears popped, and the tires screeched as the TransTexas Airways DC-3 touched down at the Airport in Tyler. The stewardess had avoided eye contact, and the other passengers looked away from me. The short flight from Dallas was a replay of the plane ride from San Francisco. It was strange that no one would

2019’s Need-to-Know Changes to DWI Law


Together, House Bills 2048 and 3582 refashioned Texas DWI law and punishment—and finally abolished surcharges. Kind of. Now, a person “finally convicted” of DWI “shall” pay a fine of $3,000 for a first conviction, $4,500 for a second, and $6,000 for all DWI convictions over 0.15. Presumably, a person is not finally convicted if they

President’s Message: All You Can Be


Listening to Larry Pozner speak about cross-examination is a rare, rare treat. TCDLA (through CDLP) and HCCLA brought him to Houston to share a day of incredible training regarding cross. His book, Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, written with Roger Dodd, has had an incredible impact on how I conduct cross. It will change how you

Executive Director’s Perspective: Thankfulness


Here’s to those who inspire you and don’t even know it. —unknown November is the month of thanks. This month I would like to dedicate my article and give thanks to Craig Hattersley, TCDLA’s Communication Director. He has been with TCDLA for 12 years and has been a valuable and intricate part of TCDLA. He

Editor’s Comment: Individual Parts Make the Whole


We are a working organization. That’s what makes this organization so great. We all contribute our time and talents in some way for the betterment of TCDLA. Contributions from individuals meld together to make a cohesive, functional, educational, inspiring whole. That’s how this organization started nearly 50 years ago, and that’s what has kept it