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Shout Outs

Shout Outs


Kudos to Laura McCoy and her co-counsel, Jeff Harrelson, whose client was found NOT GUILTY of capital murder in Titus County. It was a tough case, but an amazing outcome. Way to go!

Congratulations to Alex Bunin, who was awarded the 2022 Patrick Wiseman Award for Civil Rights, by the Civil Liberties & Civil Rights Section of the State Bar of Texas. The Wiseman Award is intended for lawyers who have made a lifetime commitment to civil liberties and civil rights in Texas. Tremendous, Alex!

A round of applause for Taly Thiessen, who fought victoriously on a difficult DWI motion to suppress. She won in the trial court that was just affirmed in the Fourteenth Court of Appeals! Great work, Taly!

Shout-Out to Wilvin Carter for receiving a NOT GUILTY verdict after a long fought battle with the court. His client was facing 25 years to life. Way to go, Wilvin!

Kudos to Drew Carroll who received multiple NOT GUILTY verdicts for his client, including murder, voluntary manslaughter, attempted murder, use of a weapon during a crime of violence. Outstanding job, Drew!

Congratulations to Angelica Cogliano who is thrilled to have won two for two in the 5th circuit, with the help of her co-counsel, Deniz!

A round of applause for Richard Banks whose DWI case dismissed! Great job, Richard!

Shout-Out to both Mike Head and Justin Weiner, whose client was facing a 25-life aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge on a jury trial. Their client had been to TDCJ numerous times and had multiple allegations and instances of alleged violence. After two days of trial, Mike and Justin were able to use a self-defense issue and to expose the alleged victim’s lies to the prosecutor. They were able to negotiate the case to a time served Class A Misdemeanor plea. Previously, the only offer ever made was 20 years on the aggravated charge. Great work, Mike and Justin!

Kudos to Joseph Esparza and his co-counsel, Orlando Castanon, whose capital murder case in Maywas dismissed. They were able to find an independent witness the State was unaware of, who confirmed it was an act of self defense. Great work, Joseph and Orlando!

In the same month, Joseph defended a Senior NCO Drill Instructor who was being court-martialed for hazing, cruelty and maltreatment of junior soldiers, and violation of Army regulations. Ultimately, a trial with facts reminiscent of Full Metal Jacket, with both sides calling numerous witnesses, the jury members returned a big “NOT GUILTY” on all charges after 4 hours of deliberation.

Congratulations to John Convery, who was recognized with the first Lucien Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership and Enrichment of the Criminal Justice Act Panel, the legal profession, and the public over a lifetime, presented by the CJA Panel Selection Committee at the SABA Federal Courts Committee Dinner. Tremendous job, John!

A round of applause for Leslie Bollier and her team, Gina Schroeder and Katherine Obando, on their recent win in a hard fought case. A deserving father was awarded primary custody by a jury, ruling in his favor on significant financial issues. Way to go, Ladies!

Shout-Out to Chad Hughes and Sarah Duncan Jacobs on a NOT GUILTY verdict. Way to go!

Kudos to Ryan Gertz who was honored with the Best Feature/Human Interest Story Award for “The Death of Insanity in Texas.” Great job, Ryan!

Congratulations are in order for Novert Mo Morales, who was sworn in as Chair of Hispanic Issues Section of the State Bar of Texas. Congratulations, Novert!

Shout-Out to Patty Tress who received a NOT GUILTY verdict in a Denton County jury trial! Despite the challenges she faced, justice prevailed. Great work, Patty!

Shout Outs


Kudos to Robert Pelton for his interview with CBS News, an article titled “Journalist Seeks Answers from a One Time Texas Attorney with ties to five Dead Men”, which was published this past
April. The article can be found online at Congrats, Robert!

Outstanding job to Roberto Balli, who had four Federal Cases dismissed in the first four months of 2022! Alien smuggling, gun smuggling, assault on a federal officer, and serious drugs. The
Government takes crime very seriously, but they will step back if the lawyer can show them that the evidence is not there! None of these cases were easy. Roberto stated that he is truly happy for his clients. Kudos to you, Robert!

Great work to JW Martin Hill for verdict in Madison County! The charge was aggravated sexual assault on an older white woman by a young black man. Ultimately, the outcome was NOT GUILTY! Hats off to you, JW!

A job well done to Danny Easterling, of Houston. He earned a victorious win at his murder jury trial, arguing self-defense. After his NOT GUILTY, he spent some time relaxing in the country.
Super work, Danny!

Congratulations to Mike Ware for being named as the 2022 recipient of the Frank J. Scurlock Award from the State Bar of Texas. This award honors an attorney who has provided outstanding pro bono work. This award recognizes Mike’s outstanding work leading the Innocence Project of Texas. Mike will receive the award at the Bar Leaders Recognition Luncheon on June 9th.

Good work to Bobby Mims and his partner, Mishae Boren, who received a 1-hour NOT GUILTY verdict! The bailiff told Boren that all of the women on the jury were against the state. They thought that the wife had started it and then caused the police to become involved. Their client is a noncitizen, but is a Legal Permanent Resident, so they felt they had to go to the mat for him. Fortune was in their favor.

Shout Outs


Shout‑out to local Tyler attorney Brett Harrison of Files Harrison, P.C. for his big NOT GUILTY in Anderson County last month. Brett’s client was indicted on two counts of aggravated sexual assault. Outstanding work, Brett! Congratulations!

Kudos to TCDLA Law School Committee Member, Jeff Shearer, who hosted a law school training session at Texas A&M School of Law, in Fort Worth. Thanks for representing TCDLA, Jeff!

Congratulations to Danny Easterling for his recent win on a murder case. The jury deliberated for 3 hours before determining their verdict of NOT GUILTY. Way to go, Danny!

Staff Highlights: Chief Financial Officer

Mari Flores

Title: Chief Financial Officer
Native State: Texas
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Favorite Color: Pink
Loves: Going on vacation

Mari Flores has been with TCDLA for 10 years serving as the Chief Financial Officer. Her 20+ years of financial experience has been in the nonprofit sector. She graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin, TX with a BBA in Finance and later with an MBA in accounting. She is married to her college sweetheart, Pepe Flores. They have four children, two girls ages 10 and 11, and two boys ages 15 and 26. They also have two miniature schnauzers, King and Bella. They keep busy with their children’s sporting events and vacationing when they can fit in the time!

Shout Outs


Kudos to Joseph Esparza who litigated from February 28th to March 6th, then received a NOT GUILTY verdict after a long fought battle in a general court‑martial at JBSA‑Randolph in San Antonio. The client fired his first defense team, who wanted him to plead guilty. He faced two sex charges involving his teenage, adopted daughter and two computer charges involving his ex‑wife, soliciting men online to have sex with her and posting intimate visual images of her online. But, pretrial motions filed got the defense some relief, the most important being the defense could elicit and admit evidence of the client and complainant’s cuckold lifestyle, which had defense implications for the offenses involving the ex‑wife. Great job!

Amazing work to Mike Ware, who was recently honored for his devotion to the Innocence Project of Texas. He and his freed client, Jason Hernandez, who is now an advocate and community leader, came together with NACDL and TCDLA to raise funds for both organizations. Way to go, Mike!

A metaphorical round of applause for Cynthia Eva Hujar Orr, who is the 2021 recipient of the Charles R. English award, given by the American Bar Association. Charles English was a California trial attorney who specialized in criminal defense cases. He was an active member of the American Bar Association, having served as a member of the Criminal Justice Section Council and Chairperson of the Section’s Committee on the Association Standards for Criminal Justice. He was well respected by members of the bench, and both prosecutors and defense bar. In 1998 he was named Outstanding Defense Attorney by the Los Angeles Bar Association. Congratulations on your merited accolade!

Congratulations to Jeff Kearney and David Gerger who won a rocket docket in Fort Worth. They got a one hour NOT GUILTY verdict in the Boeing federal fraud trial. The pilot was the only on tried for the Boeing crashes associated with new planes equipped with a MCAS system. Amazing job!

Congratulations to Eddie Cortes for his acquittal on maximum charges. His client will serve 15 years TDC with the possibility of parole at 50%, while the original anticipated outcome was 25 to life without the possibility of parole. Great work! Kudos, Eddie!

Shout Outs


Congratulations to Mark G. Daniel for his reappointment to the Texas Forensic Science Commission! TCDLA is proud to have one of our own serve the great state of Texas! Exceptional work, Mark!

Outstanding work to Angelica Cogliano who won her case, challenging the constitutionality of Operation Lone Star. Ultimately, the state agreed that her client (therefore all 2,000 defendants) deserve relief. Amazing work, Angelica!

Kudos to David Lee Botsford on a recent 5th Circuit victory! It deals with the affirmative defense of the statute of limitations. Argued on December 8th, reversal and remand: to determine which of the 4 counts may be barred by statute of limitations, and new trial on any of the 4 counts that are not barred. Great work, David!

Amazing work to Kathy Ehmann-Clardy and Sean Bajuk who heard the sweetest words ever spoken – NOT GUILTY, not once, not twice, but FIVE times. They tried five cases to a jury in Somervell County, working for three days on ABIFV, interfere 911 call, criminal trespass, criminal mischief and theft. Kudos, Kathy and Sean!

A job well done to appellate counsel, Alan Bennett, for winning his trial in a Waco District Court. Opinion affirmed the exclusion of evidence that was not turned over by the State “as soon as practical”. Evidence produced on the eve of trial was excluded… and his ruling affirmed. Way to go, Alan!

Staff Highlights: Seminar Clerk

Jessica Steen

Title: Seminar Clerk
Native State: Texas
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Color: Sea-foam Green
Loves: hiking nature trails and quilting
Interesting Fact: She has had pet reptiles since age six

Jessica Steen is currently studying at ACC for general studies, with the hope to transfer to a university in order to continue her studies in forest and wildlife management. She has participated and staffed countless Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts events, holding a variety of positions, which include secretary work, accounting, administration, and training. At TCDLA, Jessica works on mailing publications and merchandise to members, and packs materials for seminars. In her downtime, she can be found chilling with her animals or starting a new quilting project.

Shout Outs


Shout Out to Emily Miller who received a NOT GUILTY verdict after a three day trial in Mills county on retaliation against a Peace Officer. Emily referenced information found on the listserv. Way to be resourceful! Amazing work, Emily!

Kudos to Steven Green, who celebrated two NOT GUILTY verdicts on a sexual assault of a child case in Van Zandt county. Way to go, Steven!

Great work to Srav Muralindhar, who received a NOT GUILTY in Van Zandt County on an atypical felony stalking case. The alleged victim was the county court at law judge,  and involved facts that included a randy bull and the judge’s harlot cow, cutting barbed wire fences, and courthouse confrontations. And all of this while Srav coped with a hostile visiting judge who denied his request for a jury shuffle and gave the incorrect information to the jury. Congratulations Srav!

Congratulations to Will Vaughn! He received a NOT GUILTY verdict on a continuous family violence felony case, plus three lesser misdemeanors in Washington county. Great job, Will!

Shout Outs


Clint Broden had a client charged in federal court for failure to register as a sex offender in the Northern District of Texas based upon an Illinois Child Pornography conviction. The case was dismissed on the eve of trial through a motion in limine based on the argument that the Illinois child pornography law had a broader mens rea element (should have known child was under 18) than the federal law (knew child was under 18). Because the Illinois statute “swept more broadly” than the federal SORNA statute, Broden argued that the Illinois could not form the basis of a federal failure to register charge and therefore was inadmissible at trial and need to be excluded in limine. Without the admissibility of that conviction, the government had to dismiss the case because it was the only basis for the federal failure to register charge. Congratulations, Clint!

Congratulations to Heather Barbieri, who got a NOT GUILTY on false allegations of continuous sexual assault of a child, last week in Collin county. Amazing work, Heather!

Mark Griffith received a verdict of NOT GUILTY on a DWI case. His client’s blood test was suppressed prior to trial. After a full investigation and a two day jury trial, “Sweet Justice” was served. Congratulations, Mark!

The Court of Criminal Appeals unanimously decided Ex Parte Clinton Lee Young, No. WR-65,137-05 (unpublished) granting a new trial on September 22, 2021. Young had been on death row since 2003, and had three previous writs failed. The Los Angeles Federal Defenders, Capital Habeas Unit, took on the case and found records that the district judges had paid Assistant District Attorney Ralph Petty $16,000 for working for the judges on Young’s case, while drawing a salary from the District Attorney’s office. The DA self-recused and a neighboring County’s DA was appointed to represent the State. Allison Clayton was enlisted to assist with FOIA requests and other investigation of Midland County records. Ultimately, Petty double-dipped repeatedly, getting paid by several judges as their “law clerk”, from around 2000-2016, on top of a base annual salary of about $151,950. At least $262,650, in addition to his salary, was paid by the judges. Petty retired in lieu of State Bar discipline. In response to discovery efforts, Petty asserted his Fifth Amendment rights. This throws into doubt the validity of about 450 convictions in Midland County. TCDLA has filed Complaints with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, reporting record facts on all the offending judges. Outstanding job to Allison Clayton, and all who contributed!

Kudos to T.W. Davidson, who represented a client on trial for murder in Cherokee county. After a nine day trial and six hour jury deliberation, they received a NOT GUILTY verdict. Great work, T.W.!

Shout-Out to Mark Thiessen, Amanda Culbertson, and Kacie Penman, who were able to achieve a NOT GUILTY on a .146 suppressed breath test DWI case. They were able to prove that the 15 minute required observation period for the breath testing was violated by the arresting officer by checking the DPS computer logs. Kudos to all!

Staff Highlights: TCDLA’s Seminar Associate

Desirae Esquivel

Title: Seminar Associate
Native State: Texas
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Favorite Color: Lime Green
Loves: to be creative
Interesting Fact: She cannot wink, snap or whistle.

Desirae Esquivel has six years of service industry experience and has been a bookkeeper for over two years. At TCDLA, she prepares registration forms, agendas and evaluations. She also applies for the CLE credit and maintains the online CLE. In her spare time, she likes to draw, paint, craft and sew. In addition, she volunteers at dog adoption events and enjoys the great outdoors.

Shout Outs


Kudos to Mark Thiessen, Amanda Culbertson, and Andrew Gendi, who received a verdict of Not Guilty on a DWI charge after the officer failed to ask the client if they had anything in their mouth (gum/bite guard for migraines), which invalidated the intoxilyzer test. Congratulations to all!

Amazing work to T.W. Davidson who gave his client her life back. The 55 year old Defendant with a first degree felony charge and $243,000+ due was facing life in prison. Ultimately, the court ruled that his client was in a situation where, through no fault or action of her own, it was “legally and factually impossible” for her to pay the outstanding restitution. With tears of joy flowing, the client and counsel hugged in victory. The case was DISMISSED.

Ervette Sims received a NOT GUILTY on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Denton County recently. This was a self-defense case full of missing evidence that just so happened to be favorable to the Accused – her 911 call for instance. The jurors were educated, some wore masks, and some stayed around after the NG verdict to hug the newly-acquitted Accused. Outstanding job, Ervette!

Shout-Out to Paul Morgan for passionately defending his client, who was only 17 years old at the time of the alleged offense. Paul suffered personal attacks from the State’s counsel, but ended up with a Capital Murder Reversal! Way to go, Paul!

In September, Westerners International awarded Chuck Lanehart the Coke Wood award for best published article of 2020, “Custer, Captive Girls and the Cheyenne on Sweetwater Creek,” originally published by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. The story is also a part of Chuck’s book, Tragedy and Triumph on the Texas Plains, published in May 2021 by the History Press and available at booksellers everywhere. Congratulations, Chuck!

Staff Highlights: TCDLA’s Accountant

Cris Abascal

Title: Accountant
Native State: Texas
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Loves to: Spend time with her grandson
Interesting Fact: She has a plate and 12 screws in her ankle from an accident when she was young.  

Cristina Abascal has been with TCDLA for thirteen years. She has twelve years of nonprofit experience in accounting and auditing. Her hard work, dedication, efficiency and ability to adapt to change are her greatest strengths. When she is not at work she is enjoying spending time with her first and only grandson Elijah.

Shout Outs


Congratulations to Robert Pelton of Houston for receiving the State Bar of Texas Presidents’ Award. The Presidents’ Award is presented at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting each year and honors exceptional service to the public and legal profession. Robert has been a previous recipient of the Richard Racehorse Haynes lifetime achievement award from HCCLA and the Jim Bomer award from the College of State Bar. He is also the creator and founder of the TCDLA Ethics Committee and hotline. Hats off to you, Robert!

We are happy to report a win for both the TCDLA Strike Force Committee and Paul Goeke. Judge Cohoon of the 451st District Court of Kendall County issued an order and contempt notice, which was ultimately withdrawn. Kudos to Don Flanary, Reagan Wynn, and Paul Goeke! TCDLA Strike Force assistance is available to any member of  TCDLA who is being persecuted for standing up for their clients.

After a 90-minute jury deliberation in Andrews County, Bret Mansur achieved a verdict of not guilty on a charge of continuous sexual assault of a child <14. Kudos, Bret!

Congratulations to TW Davidson, who achieved victory in multiple Cherokee county cases. Representing a man pre-indictment and then on an application for writ of habeas corpus. He kept the defendant from indictment in Part One of his grand jury proceedings. To avoid the examining trial fight, Davidson proposed a reasonable bond amount, which he wrote. His client was granted a long-awaited appeal after months of hard work. He then represented two young men charged with criminal trespassing on a Constables property in 2018. The Constable opened fire on the men unjustly, and contradicted himself while on the stand during cross-examination. After three long days…the jury delivered a verdict of not guilty. Amazing work, Thad!

Great work to Mitch Adams, whose DWI trial was dismissed mid-trial in Smith County. The prosecutor failed to provide a copy of the blood test prior to trial, so Adams objected the State’s lab chemist expert witness testimony. Congrats, Mitch!

Kudos to Sravanesh Muralindhar, who defended a client in a first-degree murder trial in Cherokee County. He argued, instead, for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, which he received. Way to go, Sravanesh!

Congratulations are in order for Adam Muery and team! It took them three long years to achieve an acquittal for their client on an aggravated assault charge. Justice has finally prevailed after persistent effort. Great work!

Randy Wilson’s Possession of Child Pornography case was dismissed after he presented criteria, stating what does and does not qualify as “child pornography”. Kudos, Randy!

Shout Outs


Congratulations to Sarah Roland for receiving the Lubbock Area Bar Association’s President’s Award, as she just finished her term. Great work, Sarah!

Kudos to Carlo D’Angelo for receiving an acquittal on a big drug case last week in Federal Court. Congrats on your hard fought victory, Carlo!

We will miss Lisa Gonzalez, who will leave the TCDLA Board and served as Vice Chair of the New Lawyers Committee due to being appointed as the 268th Associate District Court Judge. Congratulations, Lisa!

Kudos to Stephanie Alvarado, whose client was released from jail. His children were so excited to be reunited with their Daddy, they ran down the sidewalk to leap into his arms. Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child under 14 dismissed!

Jessica Canter, Claire Profilet, Lynnette DeBault, and Victoria Saxe obtained a directed verdict for their client in a jury trial on a misdemeanor assault – family violence case. Before getting a complete dismissal of the charges for their client by pointing out to the judge that the State had failed to produce any evidence of two elements of the charge, they vigorously fought the case, challenging the jury array and getting two potential jurors to admit on Voir Dire they would be biased against their client because of his race. Great job, ladies!

Congratulations to Nnamdi Ekeh whose client’s 2019 DWI Speedy trial motion was granted/dismissed. He thought he’d made a losing argument, as the government argued that the pandemic prevented a trial. The judge thought otherwise. Big reminder to keep shooting your shot no matter what!

Kudos to Tyler Flood, whose first jury (DWI) trial since the pandemic lasted 9 minutes and resulted in a not guilty verdict. Tyler’s client drove his industrial water truck though a guardrail and off the freeway into a ditch at 10:30 a.m… cooler in the truck and bottle caps in his pockets. He then hid a beer bottle in his pants… but not very well. The police found the bottle in his pants, after seeing him shove said bottle in through the fly.

Thuy Le fought against a case of infant abuse after a caseworker accused parents of not believing in western medicine – falling back on stereotypes of Asian parents. Thuy argued that medical records show the baby was premature at birth. The judge ruled no evidence of abuse and the baby was returned home just in time to celebrate their first birthday. Great job, Thuy!

When Daniel H. Wannamaker was assigned to a federal conspiracy indictment case, he was cool, confident and reassuring from the beginning, stated his client. After Daniel was a successful advocate, his client decided to return the favor, saying “He worked his magic and the case was dismissed! He truly fights for his clients and kept in constant communication with me. He always treated me kindly and with respect even though I didn’t actually spend any money on him. I highly recommend Dan. God forbid I get another federal case, but if I do, I will be calling on him again!” Kudos, Daniel!

Kudos to Josh Tetens and Michel Simer – whose client was found not guilty after serving 818 days in jail. They argued that the state failed to prove its case, as no weapon was seen by witnesses in the stabbing accusation. Their client cried tears of joy as he left the courthouse after being found not guilty of aggravated assault.

May 9th marked three years since Stan Schneider and David Schulman presented an argument to the court of appeals in Waco on the Michael Morton Act. The appearance was David’s first before the Waco Court, meaning he had, after 32 years, finally appeared in front of all of Texas’ fourteen Courts of Appeals. Congratulations, David!

Congratulations to Ryan Kreck! He received his second not guilty in a row on Continuous SXAB of a child in Collin County. Great work, Ryan!

Congratulations to Michelle Simpson Tuegel, Russell David Hunt Sr., and criminal appellate attorney, Walter Reaves! The Texas Court of Criminal appeals vacated the death sentence of a client they represented at trial. The death sentence was vacated based on evidence of intellectual disability which they fought hard to prepare and present evidence on at trial. Sometimes they work comes through, years later…7 years to be exact. Great work!

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Staff Highlights:

TCDLA’s Executive Assistant: Keri Steen

Keri is the glue that holds our office together, helping to keep us organize & on track! -Melissa Schank

Title: Executive Assistant
Native State: Wisconsin
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Color: Purple
Loves to: Play board games
Fun Fact: She’s a Green Bay Packers fan!

Keri was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years before she joined TCDLA five years ago. Her household has twin daughters and one son; along with two dogs, a cat, a bearded dragon, a hognose snake, a green iguana, and their newest edition – an Uromastyx. When she is not working, she loves to watch movies and play board games with her family.

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