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My Welcome Home From Vietnam: Back in the World in One Piece


My ears popped, and the tires screeched as the TransTexas Airways DC-3 touched down at the Airport in Tyler. The stewardess had avoided eye contact, and the other passengers looked away from me. The short flight from Dallas was a replay of the plane ride from San Francisco. It was strange that no one would

2019’s Need-to-Know Changes to DWI Law


Together, House Bills 2048 and 3582 refashioned Texas DWI law and punishment—and finally abolished surcharges. Kind of. Now, a person “finally convicted” of DWI “shall” pay a fine of $3,000 for a first conviction, $4,500 for a second, and $6,000 for all DWI convictions over 0.15. Presumably, a person is not finally convicted if they