Executive Director’s Perspective: Board Motions – By Joseph A. Martinez


Special thanks to our course directors, Brian Wice (Houston) for Appellate Seminar, Kam­eron Johnson, Public Defender (Austin), for Juvenile Seminar, and Robert “Bobby” Lerma for the Drugs Seminar. The seminars were held in Galveston in September, and thanks to their efforts had 59, 51, and 66 participants, respectively. Special thanks to Judge Alcala, who presented “A View from the Appellate Bench: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Drives Us Crazy” at Appellate. Also, special thanks to Justice Terry Jennings, who presented “The Rules of Appellate Procedure: They Don’t Call It ‘TRAP’ for Nothing” at Appellate.

Thanks to Jenny Henley (Abilene) and Sarah Roland (Denton), course directors for the first CDLP Gideon’s Trumpet CLE held in Abilene. Thanks to their efforts, we had 36 participants. This was the first Gideon’s Trumpet CLE held this year. There will be another 6 Gideon’s Trumpet seminars held across the State. Please check the CLE schedule in the Voice and on the TCDLA website.

Thanks to Bob Phillips (Georgetown), John Convery (San Antonio), Bennie Ray (Austin), and Sarah Roland (Denton), course directors for the CDLP Gideon’s Trumpet held in Georgetown in September. This is the first CLE that TCDLA or CDLP has done in Williamson County. Thanks to the course directors we had 46 participants.

The TCDLA Board of Directors met in Galveston for their quarterly board meeting on September 15, 2012. The following motions were voted on:

MOTION: Polk County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Affiliation

        Motion to approve Polk County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association as a TCDLA affiliate. Motion made by Craig Jett, seconded by Bobby Mims—motion carries.

MOTION: Minutes, June 9, 2012

        Motion to approve minutes from June 9, 2012, TCDLA Annual Board Meeting in San Antonio. Motion made by Larry Boyd, seconded by Nicole DeBorde—motion carries.

MOTION: Staff Gift Policy

        Motion to add Staff Gift Policy to personnel manual regarding gifts given to staff to be disclosed. Motion made by John Convery, seconded by Jim Darnell—motion carries.

MOTION: TCDLA FY 2013 Budget

        Motion to approve the TCDLA FY 2013 Budget. Motion made by John Convery, seconded by William Harris—motion carries.

MOTION: Procedures of Transferring Funds

        The Budget and Executive committees recommend that TCDLA staff send an email to the TCDLA Budget committee for approval to transfer funds. Once approved, the TCDLA Budget committee will notify the Executive committee and TCDLA Board. Motion to accept made by John Convery, seconded by Nicole DeBorde—motion carries.

MOTION: Ratify Executive Committee Motions

        Motion to ratify the following Executive committee motions made by Craig Jett, seconded by Bobby Mims—motion carries.

        • Executive Committee vote to give a donation of $1,000 to George Forman Youth Group in tribute of George Foreman’s presentation at Rusty Duncan.

        • The Executive committee voted to pay half of the expenses for the TCDLA/Goldstein Pachanga $7,000 plus.

MOTION: Robert Rules of Order

        Motion to use Robert Rules of Order at board meet­ings made by Craig Jett, seconded by William Harris. Discussion given. Motion to table made by Gary Trichter, seconded by Pat Metze, one opposed—motion carries.

FY 2013  TCDLA Budget

  • The total income budgeted for FY 2013 is $1,399,264, which consists of revenue generated from membership dues ($415,000), seminar registration ($836,840), scholarships ($46,196), and other income ($101,228).
  • The total expenses budgeted for the year is $1,395,068. The expenses budgeted help cover expenses associated with seminars ($435,649), membership sustainability ($102,500), lobbying expenses ($135,500) for the upcoming legislative year, operating expenses ($192,726), staff salaries ($374,428), governance ($42,500), and other expenses ($111,764).
  • The profit projected for FY 2013 is $4,196.00

TCDLA members can select to be on the following TCDLA listserves: General TCDLA, Legislative, Public Defender, Capital, and Psychodrama. Please call the Home Office (512-478-2514) for help in signing on to any of these listserves.

Please join President Lydia Clay-Jackson for the Annual TCDLA Membership Trip and Cruise CLE. The dates for the Trip are February 16–21. There will be 6 hours of CLE over the five-day cruise. Come join the fun, the summer-like weather, and great company.

The TCDLA Long Range Planning Committee Report was summited and approved by the Membership in June 2012. This report sets the course for TCDLA for the coming years. Please go to the TCDLA website to see the report. Comments should be directed to Lydia Clay-Jackson, President, or Sam Bassett, chair of the Long Range Planning Committee.

All of our TCDLA publications have been updated and are available in both hard copy and CD. You can order on the  TCDLA website or purchase at any of the seminars. Please call Rick Wardroup (806-763-9900) if you have any questions.

TCDLA still has complimentary iPhone app for Texas judges. Please call the Home Office (512-478-2514) for more information.

Good verdicts to all.

Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez is the former long-time Executive Director of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
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