Executive Director’s Perspective: The Business at Hand – By Joseph A. Martinez


TCDLA will be posting on its website a one-hour CLE on the new Discovery law (SB 1611) that goes into effect on January 1, 2014. We ask all of our members to become knowledgeable of the rules they must follow.

The TCDLA Board of Directors met on Saturday, September 28, in Arlington. The following motions were passed:*

MOTION: Minutes, June 15, 2013

Approve minutes from June 15, 2013, TCDLA Board Meeting in San Antonio. Motion made by Bob Hinton, seconded by Sam Bassett—motion carries.

MOTION: Resolution implementation of the Fair Defense Act and a call for transparency in appointment of indigent counsel

Motion made by John Convery, seconded by Mark Snodgrass—motion carries.

MOTION: $54,296 to deposit into the (TCDLA) reserve account

It is recommended by the (TCDLA) budget committee that the Board move $54,296 from FY13 revenue to be transferred to reserve. Motion made by Scrappy Holmes, seconded by Emmett Harris—motion carries.

MOTION: FY2014 Budget

Motion to approve the FY2014 Budget made by Richard Anderson, seconded by Bob Hinton—motion carries.

MOTION: Executive Session

Bobby Mims moves to go into executive session, seconded by Mark Snodgrass—motion carries. Board comes out of executive session.

MOTION: FY13 Staff Bonuses

Motion by Bill Harris to approve $43,400 allocated for FY 2013 staff bonuses, seconded by John Convery—motion carries.

MOTION: Hire new (TCDLA) position—Governmental Relations Director

It is moved that the Board of Directors form a special subcommittee of President Bobby Mims, TCDLA Legislative Committee Chair Mark Daniel, Executive Director Joseph Martinez, and TCDLA Legislative Advisor Alan Place. This subcommittee shall solicit for and recommend the employment of a qualified individual to serve as a Governmental Relations Director for TCDLA. The position will be posted for public notice in accordance with the rules and bylaws of the association and applicable state and federal laws. The salary and benefits shall be commensurate with the experience and qualifications of the candidate. It is further moved that the Board of Directors delegate the final decision to employ such individual as may be recommended by the subcommittee to the TCDLA Executive Committee as it is constituted as of September 27, 2013.

Motion made by Sam Bassett, seconded by Marjorie Bachman—motion carries.

MOTION: Resolution for Louise and George Gilkerson

Whereas George Gilkerson, a charter member and the 4th president (1974–75) of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, has shown his absolute commitment to service in the pursuit of justice and a professional excellence he has willingly shared with this Association in its basic mission. Be it therefore resolved that the Association would like to honor our beloved Louise and George Gilkerson on the occasion of their 70th wedding anniversary.

Motion made by Dan Hurley, seconded by Tim Evans—motion carries unanimously.

MOTION to adjourn at 12:17 pm

Made by Jason Cassel, seconded by Sarah Roland—motion carries.

FY 2014 TCDLA Budget

The total Income budgeted for FY 2014 is $1,417,203, which consists of revenue generated from membership dues ($421,000), seminar registration ($790,000), publications ($90,500), and other income ($80,120) (e.g., seminar exhibitors, donations, scholarships, sponsorships).

The total of expenses budgeted for the year is $1,417,161. The expenses budgeted help cover expenses associated with seminars ($412,578), membership sustainability ($134,300), operating expenses ($197,664), staff salaries and benefits, including a new government relations director position ($509,643), governance ($36,000), and other expenses ($126,976.33). The profit projected for FY 2014 is $42.

Specials thanks to course directors Tim Evans and Bob Hinton for the Voir Dire seminar held in Arlington in September. Thanks to their efforts we had 104 attendees.

Special thanks to our course directors, Carlos Garcia (Aus­tin), E. X. Martin (Dallas), Larry Renner (Santa Fe, New Mex­ico), and Rick Wardroup (Lubbock), for the 11th Annual Fo­ren­sics seminar held in Dallas in October. Thanks to their efforts we had 73 attendees.

Special thanks to course directors Natalie Roetzel (Dallas) and Nick Vilbas (Lubbock) for the Innocence Clinic seminar held in Dallas in September. Thanks to their efforts we had 41 attendees.

Special thanks to Todd DuPont II (Houston), President, and the leadership of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (HCCLA) for allowing TCDLA, through the Criminal Defense Lawyers Project (CDLP), to co-sponsor the Indigent Defense seminar held in Houston in October. Thanks to the course directors, Carmen Roe (Houston) and Rand Mintzer (Houston), we had 141 attendees. Special thanks to Christina Applet, Executive Director of HCCLA, for her all of her support.

Special thanks to our course director, John Ackerman (Festival Beach), for the Round Top III Advanced Skills Training—Voir Dire and Opening held at the unique Round Top Festival Institute in the idyllic town of Round Top. Round Top is located 95 miles west of Houston and 75 miles east of Austin off Highway 290. The five-day/four-night training course is designed to improve counsel’s communication with members of the jury. Special thanks to our two psychodramatists, Kathryn Larimer (Omaha, Nebraska) and Don Clarkson (Baltimore, Maryland), and the 11 faculty members. This year 61 lawyers attended. Tony Vitz (McKinney) will be co-course director for Round Top IV, which will be held October 22–26, 2014.

Special thanks to our course directors, Linda Garza-Martinez (Laredo) and Michael Gross (San Antonio), for the Trial Strategies That Work seminar held in Laredo in October. Special thanks to Silverio Martinez (Laredo), President of the Laredo Webb County Bar Association, and their leadership for allowing TCDLA to co-sponsor this event.

The Trial Strategies That Work seminar will be held in the following cities and on these dates:

November 15Sugar Land
April 4, 2014Waco
April 11, 2014Beaumont
April 25, 2014Tyler
July 17–18, 2014South Padre Island

Please go to our website or call the Home Office for more information.

Are you interested in forming a local criminal defense bar? Need help getting organized? Please contact Susan Anderson (Dallas), , or Ray Rodriguez (Laredo), , co-chairs of the TCDLA Affiliate Committee.

Good verdicts to all.

Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez is the former long-time Executive Director of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
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