Executive Director’s Perspective: Spring Board Meet – By Joseph A. Martinez


The TCDLA Board of Directors met on Saturday, February 13, 2016, in New Orleans. The following motions were made and passed:

MOTION: To adopt the minutes from the TCDLA Board Meeting on December 5, 2015, in Austin made by Mark Snodgrass, seconded by Kerri Anderson—motion carries.
MOTION: To approve Andrea Keilen for the General Counsel position made by Adam Kobs, seconded by Lance Evans—motion carries unanimously.
MOTION: To allow Associate Directors to continue to serve if their term is up and there are no more positions available as a Director, with Board approval, made by Roberto Balli.
MOTION: To table previous motion, made by Grant Scheiner, seconded by Susan Anderson—motion to table carries.
MOTION to adjourn meeting at 12:42 p.m. made by David Ryan, seconded by Susan Anderson—motion carries.

Special thanks to Lenard Stramm (Greenbelt, MD), Dean of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), for allowing TCDLA to co-sponsor their 23rd annual Mastering Scientific Evidence seminar in New Orleans in March. Thanks to our course directors, Troy McKinney (Houston), Gary Trichter (Bandera), Mimi Coffee (Fort Worth), and Doug Murphy (Houston), and speakers’ help and support, we had 158 attendees. This is the 10th year TCDLA has co-sponsored MSE with NCDD.

We also thank Dean Stramm and the Board of Regents of NCDD for approving a three-year extension on our memorandum of understanding for co-sponsoring MSE through 2020. TCDLA has benefited from our working relationship with NCDD. We look forward to working with incoming Dean James Nesci (Tucson) for many more years of cooperation.

Special thanks to our Deans of the 40th Annual Texas Criminal Trial College held in Huntsville in March. Lydia Clay-Jackson (Conroe) is the Dean of Students, and Tim Evans (Fort Worth) is the Dean of Faculty. This year we had 40 faculty from all around Texas and 73 lawyers being trained in trial skills. All in all it was a very successful college in March.

We thank Philip Lyons, Interim Dean of Sam Houston State University, for his support of the college and Ms. Ann Broussard, administrative assistant, who provides extraordinary support throughout the college. We thank A. K. Khan, general manager of the University Hotel, who ensures the best accommodations for everyone. We also thank Katie Stefaniak, theater manager of the Sam Houston University drama department, who provides the actors to enhance the real-life courtroom experience for the lawyers.

Finally, we thank the board of Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Educational Institute for providing the Hostility (Hospitality) Room snacks and refreshments over the five evenings of the college. The Texas Criminal Trial College was funded by our CDLP grant from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Thanks to our course directors, Jaime Escuder (Alpine) and Jani Maselli Wood (Houston), for our CDLP Upholding Justice One Client at a Time held in Alpine in March. Thanks to their help and our speakers, we had 32 attendees.

Special thanks to Dean Dannye R. Holley, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, for allowing TCDLA/CDLP to co-sponsor the Earl Carl Institute 3rd Annual Child Welfare Forensics Con­ference held at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston. Thanks to our course directors and speakers, we had 42 attendees.

Special thanks to our course directors, Jeff Harrelson (Texarkana), Jason Horton (Texarkana), and John Hunter Smith (Sherman), for our Upholding Justice One Client at a Time seminar held in Texarkana in April. Thanks to their help and our speakers, we had 27 attendees.

Special thanks to Marty Truss, President of the San Antonio Bar Association (SABA), for allowing TCDLA/CDLP to co-sponsor the 53rd Annual Criminal Law Institute, in honor of District Judge A. A. Semaan. This is the oldest-running CLE event in the State of Texas. Thanks to the course directors, Mark Stevens, John Convery, and Robert Price IV (all from San Antonio), and the speakers, we had 163 attendees. TCDLA Board of Directors approved a resolution recognizing Jimmy Allison for his 40 years of service as Executive Director of SABA. The resolution was presented to Jimmy at the seminar.

Thanks to our course directors, Jani Maselli Woods (Houston) and Stan Schwieger (Waco), for our Upholding Justice One Client at a Time seminar held in Waco in April. Thanks to their efforts and the speakers, we had 72 attendees.

Thanks to the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association for allowing TCDLA/CDLP to co-sponsor the Judge Wendell Appellate and Trial Preservation seminar held in Houston. Thanks to the course directors, Jani Maselli Wood (Houston), David Ryan (Houston), and David Shulman (Austin), and our speakers, we had 47 attendees.

This year’s Rusty theme is “Lawyers, Guns & Money.” The TCDLA Membership Party will be an ’80s theme with music by the Spazmatics. It will be a fundraiser for TCDLEI to provide scholarships to lawyers. So you can enjoy the evening and know you are making a contribution to a worthy cause. We will have a bike ride with our guide Gerry Goldstein (San Antonio). We will also have a fun run one morning down the unique and picturesque San Antonio River. See you in San Antonio.

Join us for the 24th Annual Pachanga (Party) at the Goldsteins’ (Kristi and Gerry). The Goldstein Pachanga is a cultural icon, with 600+ people gathering in the Goldsteins’ backyard around their pool and feasting on food, beverages, and great company.

Weren’t able to attend last year’s Rusty Duncan event? You can order the DVD and get CLE credit. Please go to our website for more information and to order.

Do you need CLE credit and can’t attend our seminar training? Please call the Home Office (512-478-2514) for a list of the DVDs and accompanying CLE credit.

Don’t have a local criminal defense bar in your area? Would you like to re-energize or jump-start your organization? Are you interested in forming a local criminal defense bar? Need help getting organized? Please contact Susan Anderson (Dallas), , Laurie Key (Lubbock), , or Carmen Roe (Houston), , co-chairs of the TCDLA Affiliate Committee.

Good verdicts to all.

Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez is the former long-time Executive Director of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
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