Executive Director’s Perspective: TCDLA in Motion – By Joseph A. Martinez


The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Board of Directors met on December 3, 2011, in Houston. The following motions were approved by the board:

MOTION: Minutes

  • Approve minutes from September 24, 2011 TCDLA Board Meeting in Austin. Motion made by Bill Harris, seconded by Greg Westfall. Motion carries.

MOTION: Canceling Bank Account and Transferring Funds

  • TCDLEI bank account had the wrong Tax ID. Motion made by Gary Trichter, seconded by Adam Kobs. Motion carries.

MOTION: Add Two Signatories to Bank Accounts

  • Bennie Ray and Marjorie Bachman will assist Sam in signing checks and verifying bank statements. Motion made by Gary Trichter, seconded by Emmett Harris. Motion carries.

MOTION: Three Resolutions, Bobby Mims

  • Bobby is asking the board to approve three resolutions honoring Dr. David Michael Wood, Thad W. Davidson, and James West Bogerdein for putting their careers and their own money on the line to free their clients from unjust sentences. Motion made by Sharon Curtis, seconded by Lawrence Boyd. Motion carries.

MOTION: To Make Justice Shirley Butts an Honorary Member of TCDLA

  • Motion made by Gary Trichter, seconded by Lydia Clay-Jackson. Motion carries.

Special thanks to Emily Detoto (Houston), JoAnne Musick (Houston), and Randy Wilson (Abilene), our course directors for the TCDLA Voir Dire seminar held in Houston in December. Thanks to their efforts we had 119 participants.

Special thanks to Sarah Roland (Denton) and Nathan Miller (Denton), our course directors for the Criminal Defense Lawyers Project (CDLP) 4th Annual Hal Jackson Memorial Jolly Roger Criminal Law Seminar held in Denton in December. Thanks to their efforts we had 97 participants.

Special thanks to Alexandra Gauthier (Austin), Randy Leavitt (Austin), and Bennie Ray (Austin), our course directors for the TCDLA DWI and Gas Chromatography: Defeating the Blood Test Case held in Austin. Thanks to their efforts we had an outstanding lineup of speakers and 117 participants.

Special thanks to the Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (LCDLA) for allowing TCLDA and CDLP to co-sponsor the 31ST Annual Prairie Dog Lawyers Advanced Criminal Law Seminar held January 3–4, 2012. Also held in conjunction with the Prairie Dog seminar was a Federal Law seminar and a Nuts and Bolts seminar. All the seminars were held at the Texas Tech University School of Law. A very special thanks to William Boyles (Lubbock), President of LCDLA, for his steadfast leadership in overseeing the logistics of the training and events.

Thanks to Richard Anderson (Dallas) and Helen Leggit (Dallas), our course directors for Federal Law. Thanks to Will Boyles (Lubbock), David Guinn (Lubbock), Sarah Gunter (Lubbock), Anne Hazelwood (Lubbock), and David Hazelwood (Lubbock), course directors for the Prairie Dog and the Nuts and Bolts seminars. Thank to their efforts we had an outstanding lineup of speakers. We also had 172 participants at the Prairie Dog event and 57 participants at Nuts and Bolts.

TCDLA thanks Dean Darby Dickerson for her support of TCLDA and LCDLA. We also thank Associate Dean Calvin Lewis for his support at the events.

Special thanks to the Outlaw Grillers, Bill Trantham (Denton), Dennis Reeves , Natalio Hernandez, Dwight McDonald, Donnie Yandell, Robin Mathews, and David Hazelwood, all from Lubbock, who prepared a delicious barbecue meal for the 172 participants.

Special thanks to John Ackermann (Sunrise Beach), course director for the first Psychodrama Workshop, held at the Round Top Institute in Round Top, Texas. The workshop was co-sponsored with the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming. We had 38 participants at this first Psychodrama event.

John was more than course director. He was the guiding light and driving force in bringing this unique psychodrama training to Texas. He has been involved in training lawyers in psychodrama since the late ’70s in his work with Gerry Spence and the Trial Lawyers College.

On Saturday evening, John held a fundraising event, which raised $116,000 in pledges over the next five years from the participants. These funds will be used for this and future psychodrama trainings.

On March 22–23, 2012, the Texas Criminal Justice Integrity Unit, in conjunction with Senator John Carona’s Office, Senator Rodney Ellis’ Office, the Center for American and International Law, the Texas Center for the Judiciary, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and Texas District and County Attorneys Association, presents the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Seminar. The seminar will be held at the Texas State Auditorium in Austin, Texas. We ask all our members to consider attending this substantive and relevant seminar. Please go to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals website for more information.

Please save the date to join us at the 25th Annual Rusty Duncan Advanced Criminal Law Course June 7–9, 2012. Our course directors will be Troy McKinney, Stephanie Stevens, and Doug Murphy, with associate course directors Sharon Curtis, Sarah Roland, and Marjorie Bachman. The theme will be “Ridin’ for Justice—Celebrating 25 Years,” a cowboy theme. A fun run and bike ride will be part of the healthy lifestyle options that will be available.

Good verdicts to all.

Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez is the former long-time Executive Director of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
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