Executive Director’s Perspective: Training the Team – By Joseph A. Martinez


TCDLA members should be proud of what TCDLA accomplished regarding CLE for FY 2014 (September 1, 2013, through August 31, 2014). TCDLA/CDLP was the third-largest provider of CLE in the State of Texas. First was the State Bar of Texas with 268,631 hours. Second was University of Texas Law School with 70,688 hours. Third, was TCDLA/CDLP with 36,777 hours, provided through a combination of TCDLA and CDLP.

We know you have a choice in whose seminars you attend. We sincerely appreciate your support of TCDLA by attending our TCDLA seminars. Thanks to your attendance, TCDLA is able to provide outstanding services to our members. This includes our lobbying efforts at the upcoming 84th Texas Legislative session.

Special thanks to our course directors, Mark Stevens (San Antonio), Michael Gross (San Antonio), and Adam Kobs (San Antonio), for the 10th Annual Stuart Kinard Advanced DWI seminar held at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio in November. Thanks to their efforts we had 119 attendees.

Special thanks to Tony Vitz (McKinney), our course director for the TCDLA Round Top IV Advanced Trial Skills Workshop held at the unique Round Top Institute in Round Top. Special thanks to our faculty who trained our attendees to improve counsel’s communication with members of the jury. The training involved a component of self-exploration that experience shows improves and enhances the communication process. Special thanks to our psychodramatists, Katlin Larimer and John Nolte.

Special thanks to Silverio Martinez (Laredo), President of the Webb County Bar, for allowing TCDLA/CDLP to co-sponsor the Criminal Law Power Update seminar held in Laredo in late October. Special thanks to Claudia Balli (Laredo), Roberto Balli (Laredo), Oscar O. Peña (Laredo), and Rey Rodriguez (Laredo), course directors for the training. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we had 51 attendees.

Special thanks to Carmen Roe (Houston), President of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (HCCLA), for allowing TCDLA/CDLP to co-sponsor the Winning Warriors: Defending Trial Tactics seminar held in Houston in October. Thanks to their efforts we had 120 attendees.

Special thanks to Jaime Gonzales (Edinburg), Rey Moreno (McAllen), and Kelly Pace (Tyler), our course directors for Training Your Defense Team to Win seminar held in McAllen in November. The Training Your Defense Team to Win seminar is a unique training open to criminal defense attorneys who regularly represent the indigent, legal assistants, Texas judges, paralegals, social workers, investigators, mitigation specialists, and students. It will be held in the following locations. Please bring your staff:

January 16, 2015Austin
April 17, 2015Waco
April 24, 2015Longview
July 9–10, 2015South Padre Island

Special thanks to Ed Stapleton (Brownsville), Ken Murray (Texas Defender Service), and Rick Wardroup (Lubbock), our course directors for the Capital/Mental Health seminar held in South Padre Island in November.

Special thanks to Judge Guaderrama, chairman of the El Paso Criminal Law Group, for allowing TCDLA/TCDLEI to exhibit at their Criminal Law seminar held in Ruidoso, New Mexico, in November.

Are you interested in forming a local criminal defense bar?  Need help getting organized? Please contact Susan Anderson (Dallas), , Laurie Key (Lubbock), , or Carmen Roe (Houston), , co-chairs of the TCDLA Affiliate Committee.

Happy holidays to you and your family.

Good verdicts to all.

Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez
Joseph A. Martinez is the former long-time Executive Director of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
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