June 1997 Issue




4   | President’s Message: Gerry Morris, TCDLA’s 27th President – By E.G. “Gerry” Morris
6   | President’s Message: We Have Much to be Thankful For! – By David L. Botsford
10 | In And Around Texas: Changing of the Guard – By John C. Boston


12 | Cross Examining the Technical Supervisor in the Driving While Intoxicated Case – By George Scharmen
18 | The Role of the Court Appointed Trial and Jury Consultant in Capital Cases: Insight from Ake, Rey & Moore – By Curtis E. Wills, Ph. D.
24 | Constitutional Implications of DWI – By Christopher N. Hoover
26 | Factual Sufficiency Review After Clewis – By Gary A. Udashen
30 | Ethical Considerations: What to do With Incriminating Evidence – By Ronald L. Goranson
33 | Update on Collateral Estoppel & Administrative License Suspensions Hearings – By Robert N. Udashen

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