March 1997 Issue




4   | President’s Message: A Brief Hello – By David L. Botsford
6   | Editor-in-Chief Comment: Becoming A Trial Warrior – By David L. Botsford
8   | In And Around Texas: Legislative Report – By John C. Boston


10 | The Federal Corner – ‘The Few, The Proud, The Less Confused” – By ER. “Buck” Files, Jr.
12 | Breath Test Refusals: Some Are Relevant And Some Are Unconstitutional-Keeping The Irrelevant Refusals Out – By J. Gary Trichfer & Chris Samuelson
24 | Presenting Oral Argument Before the Court of Criminal Appeals – By Judge Charles F. “Charlie” Baird
26 | Visiting Judges-Able to Leap Tall Building in a Single Bound? – By Honorable Robert D. Jones
28 | Representing Non-United States Citizen Defendant in the Wake of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 – By Lynn Coyle & Frances Cusack

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