President’s Message: First Steps – By Kerri Anderson Donica


Today I am feeling a longing to see my tribe—my TCDLA family. I received a call from a wonderful gentleman—Ted Trigg in Houston—and had a super visit with him. Ted is a charter member of TCDLA. I am so grateful for those 250 charter members who back in 1971 decided to form an association composed of criminal defense lawyers whose joint goal was to come together and better be able to protect and defend the rights of citizens accused. Go to our TCDLA website and look at the names of those men and women who took the first steps to begin this incredible organization that is now pushing close to 3,500! Then after you read that list, reach out to one of those individuals and thank them for their years of service to our mission!

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the sunshine and even the scorching Texas heat. This past weekend, I was blessed to travel with my son Hunter, my sister Alicia, and my ex-husband to visit our younger son, Heath, and wife Ashley in Scottsdale, Arizona (and my amazing granddog Ace). That place is warmish. It was 107 degrees at 9:00 am! As you read this, the promise of autumn will be in the air and maybe it will be down in the 90s by that time as we gather in Austin for our September board meeting and what is going to be an incredible and fresh approach to Voir Dire under the leadership of our incredible course directors, Carmen Roe, Sam Bassett, and John Hunter Smith. It’s a true “don’t miss”!

Thank you for the privilege as serving as TCDLA’s President. It is truly one of the greatest honors of my life, and I don’t take it lightly. I am ALWAYS here to serve our membership—as is our staff under Melissa Schank’s remarkable leadership. Let me know how we can serve you better!

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