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Kudos to Joshua Webber of Dallas, who won the suppression of ½ pound of meth located under the seat of his client’s vehicle. In this enhanced first-degree felony case, the Dallas County Drug Court judge determined that the search was not an inventory search, and that Gant required suppression. The State gave notice of appeal of the trial court’s ruling on March 24, 2011. Webber also secured the suppression of two pounds of cocaine found in the console of the vehicle driven by his client. The court found that the there was no reasonable suspicion for the detention or the stop and ordered the suppression, and the case was dismissed.

A special recognition is due Tom Brown, who tried an intoxicated manslaughter case this week. An 18-year-old client with 15-year-old cousin had been drinking all night and hit an oncoming car head on, killing the driver of the other car. The family of the victim wanted major pen time (offer was 10 TDC). Tom had friends and relatives of client testify that he was a good kid who had turned his life around as a result of the wreck, finishing with client apologizing to victim’s family, asking with true remorse for forgiveness. Jury came back with 10 probated. Tom says: “When the victim’s family was allowed to address the client after sentencing, three of the adult children of the victim each told the client that after listening to him testify they accepted his apology and did forgive him. The whole courtroom started crying, the two families met in the middle, hugging each other, including the victim’s family hugging the client. Even the judge choked up.” Incredible story, Tom. Bravissimo.

David Callahan got the two-word verdict in Parker County on a charge for possession of meth, enhanced by prior felony to second degree. David was assisted “with wise counsel and help of Judith Hearn and her para­legal, Rose Durbin, as well as investigator Bobby Walton.” As David adds: “I think it takes a team to try a case like this. I had a village. I posted some issues on [the TCDLA] listserve and received sage advice and support from several members. In trial, Larry Moore of Fort Worth took my call at 9:15 p.m., at his home, and provided much needed in-trial advice and support.” Congratulations, David. And way to go, village.

Kudos go out to TCDLA board member Sarah Roland, who has been made a partner in Jackson & Hagen in Denton. Sarah’s motion “Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus” appears in this month’s Catch of the Day.

Texas Super Lawyers came out with its latest list of “Rising Stars” in Texas, and the following TCDLA members are due recognition for being so honored:

Heather Barbieri, Plano

Hunter Biederman, Frisco

Jason Cassel, Longview

Kerrisa Chelkowski, San Antonio

Fred Dahr, Houston

George DeGeurin Jr., Houston

Shawn Dick, Georgetown

Kristin Etter, Austin

Tyler Flood, Houston

Charles Ganz, Houston

Martin A. Gibson, College Station

David M. Gonzalez, Austin

Craig Greaves, Bryan

Phillip Hayes, Dallas

Nancy Kennedy, Dallas

Laurie Key, Lubbock

Leslie Legrand III, Houston

Christopher Lewis, Dallas

Sam Lock, San Antonio

J. Joseph Mongaras, Dallas

M. Michael Mowla, Duncanville

Emily Munoz Detoto, Houston

Omar Nawaz, Dallas

John M. Parras, Houston

Quinton Grant Pelley, Plano

Heath Poole, College Station

Joshua Saegert, Austin

Josh Schaffer, Houston

Todd Shapiro, Plano

Steven Sheltist, Houston

Mark Thiessen, Houston

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