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Kudos to TCDLA board member Jani Maselli Wood, who recently won a battle in the 1st Texas Court of Appeals to knock out two court costs levied against her client. The court deleted a $250 “DNA record fee” on the ground that it was an unconstitutional tax and a $50 “sheriff’s fee” because there was no basis in the record to support it. Congratulations, counselor.

TCDLA Board Member Sarah Roland sends along word of a major victory for Patty Tress and Mindy. They heard two “not guilty” verdicts in Denton County on charges of aggravated assault and retaliation. The best deal they were proffered was 10 years in the pen. Way to go, team.

In the print edition of November’s Voice, the late George Preston was identified as a Lubbock attorney, though he hailed from Denton. It was corrected in the online version, but had already gone to the printer. We regret the error.

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