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Congratulations to Robert Pelton of Houston for receiving the State Bar of Texas Presidents’ Award. The Presidents’ Award is presented at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting each year and honors exceptional service to the public and legal profession. Robert has been a previous recipient of the Richard Racehorse Haynes lifetime achievement award from HCCLA and the Jim Bomer award from the College of State Bar. He is also the creator and founder of the TCDLA Ethics Committee and hotline. Hats off to you, Robert!

We are happy to report a win for both the TCDLA Strike Force Committee and Paul Goeke. Judge Cohoon of the 451st District Court of Kendall County issued an order and contempt notice, which was ultimately withdrawn. Kudos to Don Flanary, Reagan Wynn, and Paul Goeke! TCDLA Strike Force assistance is available to any member of  TCDLA who is being persecuted for standing up for their clients.

After a 90-minute jury deliberation in Andrews County, Bret Mansur achieved a verdict of not guilty on a charge of continuous sexual assault of a child <14. Kudos, Bret!

Congratulations to TW Davidson, who achieved victory in multiple Cherokee county cases. Representing a man pre-indictment and then on an application for writ of habeas corpus. He kept the defendant from indictment in Part One of his grand jury proceedings. To avoid the examining trial fight, Davidson proposed a reasonable bond amount, which he wrote. His client was granted a long-awaited appeal after months of hard work. He then represented two young men charged with criminal trespassing on a Constables property in 2018. The Constable opened fire on the men unjustly, and contradicted himself while on the stand during cross-examination. After three long days…the jury delivered a verdict of not guilty. Amazing work, Thad!

Great work to Mitch Adams, whose DWI trial was dismissed mid-trial in Smith County. The prosecutor failed to provide a copy of the blood test prior to trial, so Adams objected the State’s lab chemist expert witness testimony. Congrats, Mitch!

Kudos to Sravanesh Muralindhar, who defended a client in a first-degree murder trial in Cherokee County. He argued, instead, for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, which he received. Way to go, Sravanesh!

Congratulations are in order for Adam Muery and team! It took them three long years to achieve an acquittal for their client on an aggravated assault charge. Justice has finally prevailed after persistent effort. Great work!

Randy Wilson’s Possession of Child Pornography case was dismissed after he presented criteria, stating what does and does not qualify as “child pornography”. Kudos, Randy!

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Shout Outs

Kudos to Mark Griffith of Waxahachie for a recent win in an agg assault case, wherein D was confronted by an inebriated dude in McDonald’s. Client said they should go outside and talk—where dude pulled knives on him. D put a whupping on him but was charged in the fracas. As Mark noted, “There was serious bodily injury, but as I always say, in self-defense you do not have to suck at it.” He credits Jade Joplin and his team of investigators, who found people who were not supposed to be found, as well as co-counsel Sarah Duncan Jacobs for helping in the win. Good job, everybody, for resolving a case that had dragged on for two years.
 But wait—there’s more. Mark and team also got a big win in an eight-day Intoxication Assault case where retrograde extrapolation had D at .277 at time of driving. Case involved a one-car accident where a passenger was seriously injured. Expert diagnosed D with a concussion and narcolepsy, and Chad Hughes tore the blood evidence to pieces. Jury came back with the two-word verdict. Congratulations, team, on a good month.

Shout out to Chuck Lanehart of Lubbock, co-chair of the TCDLA Declarations Readings each year. He has been awarded the James G. Denton Distinguished Lawyer Award at the Lubbock Area Bar Association’s Law Day Banquet. The award is the highest honor bestowed by the bar, “in recognition of extraordinary contributions and exceptional service to the legal profession and the Lubbock community.” Congratulations, Chuck, for the much-deserved accolade.
 Chuck also sent along this: “I just heard great news from Wendy Humphrey, President of the Lubbock Area Bar Association. LABA has been honored with the Award of Merit by the State Bar of Texas! In addition, the Lubbock Law Notes, LABA’s official publication, was recognized as Best Overall Newsletter. Kristi Ward is the editor.” Chuck won Best Feature Human Interest Story for his article, “A Hard, Historical Look at Lubbock County Courthouse Monuments,” and additional writing awards went to Justice Brian Quinn and Laura Pratt. Congrats to all in Lubbock for the honors.


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