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Kudos to Joseph Esparza who litigated from February 28th to March 6th, then received a NOT GUILTY verdict after a long fought battle in a general court‑martial at JBSA‑Randolph in San Antonio. The client fired his first defense team, who wanted him to plead guilty. He faced two sex charges involving his teenage, adopted daughter and two computer charges involving his ex‑wife, soliciting men online to have sex with her and posting intimate visual images of her online. But, pretrial motions filed got the defense some relief, the most important being the defense could elicit and admit evidence of the client and complainant’s cuckold lifestyle, which had defense implications for the offenses involving the ex‑wife. Great job!

Amazing work to Mike Ware, who was recently honored for his devotion to the Innocence Project of Texas. He and his freed client, Jason Hernandez, who is now an advocate and community leader, came together with NACDL and TCDLA to raise funds for both organizations. Way to go, Mike!

A metaphorical round of applause for Cynthia Eva Hujar Orr, who is the 2021 recipient of the Charles R. English award, given by the American Bar Association. Charles English was a California trial attorney who specialized in criminal defense cases. He was an active member of the American Bar Association, having served as a member of the Criminal Justice Section Council and Chairperson of the Section’s Committee on the Association Standards for Criminal Justice. He was well respected by members of the bench, and both prosecutors and defense bar. In 1998 he was named Outstanding Defense Attorney by the Los Angeles Bar Association. Congratulations on your merited accolade!

Congratulations to Jeff Kearney and David Gerger who won a rocket docket in Fort Worth. They got a one hour NOT GUILTY verdict in the Boeing federal fraud trial. The pilot was the only on tried for the Boeing crashes associated with new planes equipped with a MCAS system. Amazing job!

Congratulations to Eddie Cortes for his acquittal on maximum charges. His client will serve 15 years TDC with the possibility of parole at 50%, while the original anticipated outcome was 25 to life without the possibility of parole. Great work! Kudos, Eddie!

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