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Shout-Out to Clay Steadman, who provided tremendous support on behalf of colleague, Kyle Therrian. After challenging a county court judge’s procedures for conducting bond violation hearings, he was denied renewal of his contract to receive misdemeanor appellate appointments. Once he filed a motion to recuse and subpoenaed several county judges to testify, Clay traveled to the DFW Metroplex to take on the task of questioning judges and sponsoring his testimony. Wonderful job, Clay!

Congratulations to Sarah Roland for her recent NOT GUILTY for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon case! Way to go, Sarah!

A round of applause for Chuck Lanehart and his recent win on accusations of sexual assault and assault DV with strangulation in a Texas Tech Title IX hearing. Under new Title IX rules, Chuck was allowed to cross-examine the complainant. Even though there was some pretty concerning physical evidence in the case, the panel found his client “not responsible.” He stated that in the past, it was practically impossible to obtain a good result in a Title IX hearing, as the attorney could only act as an advisor, not an advocate. Congratulations, Chuck!

Kudos to Deandra Grant and her team, Debbie Girma, Douglas Huff, Clark Martin, Sorsha Huff, and Makenzie Zarate! They got a mistrial on a DWI case after the DA told them the police had arrest videos they failed to turn over.

Deandra then had a 3 year old DWI case. She advised the client trial chances did not look good. The wife of the defendant told her God would take care of it. Over lunch the judge discovered he has COVID. The arresting officer was unable to attend, also due to health concerns. The DA suggested a dismissal.

Shout-Out to Roberto Balli for his dismissal of a big Federal Drug case. His client came to him asserting his innocence just two weeks before his trial. Roberto spoke to the prosecutor and asked him to look at it from their perspective in order to see his clients innocence and told him they were taking it to trial. Just a few days later a motion to dismiss was filed by the government – doing the fair thing after reevaluating his case. After 5 years, it took just a few days of creating a bit of chaos to set things right. Outstanding job, Roberto!

Kudos to Tyler Flood on his NOT GUILTY verdict in a Failure to Stop and Render Aid (FSRA) Fatality charge. He caught the head detective both lying and laughing on the witness stand while under cross examination. With the help of Colton Rodriguez, their own investigation and reconstruction was able to devalidate what the state saw as evidence, a scratch mark on the curb. Using Google Earth, they were able to show that the scratch mark had been there six months prior to the incident. Tyler was happy to reunite his client with his seven children. Wonderful job, Tyler!

Shout-Out to Robert Fickman for his recent acquittal. His client was named in a multi-defendant (53 total, 40 of which pled guilty) indictment from Galveston, which the DEA named “Operation Wrecking Ball”. Three years later, five defendants remained, including his client who had seven counts: conspiracy to distribute cocaine, conspiracy to engage in money laundering and 5 substantive counts alleging specific acts of cocaine distribution. He persuaded the Judge to grant four Rule 29s, and the jury acquitted his client on the remaining 3 charges. Robert’s client was the only acquittal out of the 53 defendants. Extraordinary work, Robert!

Staff Highlights: Director of CLE

Grace Works

Title: Director of CLE
Native State: Kansas
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Color: Blue
Loves: Travel, books, and theme parks

Grace Works started with TCDLA in April of 2022 serving as the Director of CLE. In her brief time with the company, her love of food and anything sweet has been made known to all. Before her time with TCDLA, she was an elementary school science teacher with Teach for America. She also has worked many years in the customer service industry and was a Guest Relations Director at a science museum. Grace is a proud alumnus of Kansas State University where she studied Criminology, Non-Profit Leadership Studies, and Conflict Analysis Trauma Studies. Grace comes from a long line of criminal defense attorneys, her grandfather, dad, uncle, and cousin all practice law in Kansas. She and her husband Jay, who met at Kansas State, have been together for 8 years and have traveled the world together. They have an adorable mini Australian Shepard named Tad. Grace has a love for 90’s rap/R&B music, live theater, comedy shows, coffee, and Harry Potter.

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