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Michael Mowla successfully stayed the execution of John Hummel on March 18. Michael argued that the panic and concerns related to COVID-19 could impact the courts, the governor, and the Board of Pardons and Paroles making a fair decision when considering final appeals and clemency pleas. Congratulations once again to Michael for fighting for fairness in the criminal justice system!

Daniel Werlinger and Lisa Andrews of Harris County helped get a capital murder charge dismissed for Jeff Wax’s client, Amir Yarbrough, who had been in jail for two years awaiting trial. Werlinger and Andrews argued Yarbrough was not culpable and the state would have difficulty proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt in trial. Way to go!

Lisa Greenberg and Adam Rodrigue got another mistrial for their client accused of capital murder. One of their previous cases, also a capital murder case, was dismissed after three mistrials and two hung juries. Rulings like those are testaments to how outstanding your defense of the accused is!

Clint Broden obtained a rare reversal in the Eastland Court of Appeals for a client sentenced to 68 years imprisonment after a drug conviction.  Court of Appeals ruled the trial court committed reversible error when it refused to give a 38.23 instruction. Awesome work, Clint!

Veronica Veyhl and Phillip Hall obtained a verdict of not guilty on nine counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child in Tarrant County. The case was tried in the 371st District Court and the jury returned the not-guilty verdict within 50 minutes. Way to go, Veronica and Phil!

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