Dr. M. K. Hamza

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Dr. M. K. Hamza is a professor of Clinical Mental Health in the Counseling and Special Population Department at Lamar University–Member The Texas State System. He is an educator, researcher, cognitive scientist, and a consulting Forensic Neuropsychologist. He is currently chairman of the SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) Mental Health Committee which includes mental health professionals from the U.S. as well as outside the U.S., serving four significant refugee zones (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey) and delivering mental health services to tens of thousands of the 13 million refugees scattered around the world. His publications include refereed scholarly writings, presentations, and speeches delivered at a number of reputable organizations, including medical, psychiatric, and legal conferences and meetings.

Stories from Dr. M. K. Hamza

The Roles of Forensic Mental Health Experts  in the Legal System: What Practitioners  of Law May Need to Know
Tuesday, December 6th, 2016


Forensic mental health is the crossroads that lies between the criminal justice system and the science of mental health.