Spring 1992




3 | Is the Punishment Phase of a Texas Criminal Trial Destined to Gridlock? By Richard Alan Anderson
4 | Cathy E. (Cat) Bennett:  A Tribute to a Fine Lady and a Dedicated Professional – By Kerry P. FitzGerald
8 | Practical Use of the Pathologist as an Expert Witness – By Charles S. Petty, M.D., R. Jack Ayres, Jr., and Diane F. Walker
10 | Coercion:  A Perspective – By Stephen R. Marsh
11 | The Harmless Error Amendment to the Constitution – By Emmett Colvin
12 | Drug Couriers:  Pretext and Profile Highway Stops:  A Nuts and Bolts Approach to a Creative Defense – By J. Gary Trichter
14 | Search and Seizure Under State and Federal Law – Part 3 – By Judge Jade Marie Meeker
16 | Summary of Significant Decisions of the Court of Appeals – By Roy E. Greenwood


5 | In and Around Texas – By John Boston
18 | The Federal Corner – By F.R. “Buck” Files
19 | Granted Petitions for Discretionary Review


6 | CLE – Grand Cayman Island Advanced Criminal Law Seminar Preparing for Oral Argument in the Fifth Court
34 | Ad – Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Conference
47 | Publications, TCDLA Seminars

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